wow64!ProcessInit re-entered

Description first (last version dated 2015-7-27):



All 64bit Windows with WoW64


wow64!ProcessInit can be called more than once
and if it is called second time it crashes or
returns unsuccess and process is terminated.


Every thread in WoW64 process enters

  PCONTEXT pInitialContext)
  BOOLEAN bProcessInited = FALSE;

    st = ProcessInit(&CpuThreadSize);


      NtTerminateProcess(NtCurrentProcess(), st);

    bProcessInited = TRUE;


effectively unblocks threads (if any)
waiting in LdrInitialize
so they can enter Wow64LdrpInitialize
and reach “if(!bProcessInited)” before
the initial thread executes “bProcessInited = TRUE;”


And now I add:

  • When I analyzed it first time, I inspected the stacks and saw there are more threads within ProcessInit
  • It manifests more likely on slower CPUs
  • On Windows versions below 8.1 it just ends in process termination, since 8.1+ typically crashes during .mrdata initialization (enable_write, write, disable_write)
  • Since Windows 10 build 17672 it manifests even more likely because there is LdrpInitCompleteEvent involved. LdrProcessInitializationComplete() sets it and the waiting secondary thread becomes ready
  • There’s no 3rd party solution. I’m mitigating the condition by waiting for Ldr32 ready for some time

Possible solution

Microsoft should rewrite the initial part. For example: apply the same mechanism on bProcessInited as in LdrpInitialize on LdrpProcessInitialized (InterlockedCompareExchange + Sleep). Why not to call ProcessInit in wow64!DllMain?

I did the tests and it seems that on newer Windows 10+ re-entering ProcessInit makes no harms. Nevertheles it is still a bug. There are still possibilities (btrcpu, wow64log) to fail.

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